About Agent From Within

Agent From Within helps to launch Real Estate Agents who are just starting out, Real Estate Agents who have lost their mojo over the years or have created a lot of business and need help with the chaos. This is accomplished through face to face mentorship and workshops that impart personalized, inexpensive and highly creative marketing plans, the art of measuring your progress, structured lessons based on creating a world class client experience, but most of all Agent From Within brings a strong focus on personal-development because if you don’t like parts of yourself, and don’t believe wholeheartedly in yourself, then why would your clients believe in you?

Who is Ben… “For Real”

After living on the Streets as a kid, attempting suicide and spending 365 days in a drug treatment center he started to build a life at 19 years old with the current tools he had. Still insecure and unsure of himself he knew he was destined for more in life he intuitively knew he had something to give this world, he just did not know what it was… He just had an intense fire burning in his soul that would not be ignored forever.

After getting married and having kids he became very driven to be successful financially. Ben chased success for years and experienced what it was like to have millions of dollars flow through his life and what it’s like to be put on a pedestal by people who ONLY thought he was the best because of his talents and abilities.

Ben always said he did everything for his family, but that simply was a story he told himself and it was not 100% true.

During the chasing years, Ben did very little inner, emotional and spiritual work on himself and was more focused on building a business that would EVENTUALLY create endless passive income to EVENTUALLY enjoy with his family who he loved so deeply but had little connection with.

Self Sabotage lied dormant in Ben waiting for the right moment to awake, the lack of self-value drove him daily to prove to everyone he was worth something. That insecurity caused him to make wild risky decisions that always increased the stress at home with this family. From the outside looking in Ben had “made it” but the inside looking out was internal chaos and a restless soul.

Ben hit a brick wall, his foundations shook when the 2008 financial crash happened and his multimillion-dollar investment company started to show serious cracks and at the exact same time, his wife decided she was done living without connection and wanted to leave him. All 5 kids had lost touch with him and had at times asked for a new daddy.

By experiencing his family imploding and his business starting to fall apart he was forced to face reality, stop chasing and look within his life at what was actually driving him.

This is when it all started to change. Over the next years, he ate a lot of humble pie, magically found Philip McKernan who became his mentor and helped Ben by challenging him to become intensely honest with himself, stop living a life for everyone else, know what you want and let life flow rather than chasing it to be himself to the core. To truly love who he was at a core level not just what he could offer through tenant and hustle.

Listen to Ben’s story: