Helping Real Estate Agents Double Their Business While Living A High Quality Family Life

Be Yourself, Attract more Clients, Build a Business… Not a Job

Helping Real Estate Agents Live off Referrals by Creating a Real Business, Increasing your Self Awareness and implementing marketing systems that Blow their clients mind

The Origin Story

The Struggle

Ben lived on the streets dealing drugs and doing petty crime to survive while wrestling with suicide everyday


Who am I….Started Looking Within

Graduated a 365 Day Drug Treatment Rehab Program

1996 – 1997

Got Married & Experienced Love


The First Step to Marketing Expert

Became the promotions guy for the rehab center and lead a team across Alberta speaking over 60 times raising money and awareness for the program


Developed Powerful Sales System

Sold 2.5 Million Dollars of office furniture in 1 year. Started developing his successful prospecting systems Ben would eventually teach to multiple industries and thousands of Real Estate Agents.


From Worker to Entrepreneur

Build a Multimillion dollar Real Estate Investment Company. (Bought 41 properties in the first 14 months) Ben had 61 properties 20 investors, multiple offices and staff when the great recession hit in 2008. Ben had to rethink everything and navigate one of the highest pressure times in his life. Ben’s weakness as a business owner was exposed. Navigating this journey was his great teacher.


Agent From Within Inc. was Founded

After selling & liquidating his Investment company and almost getting a divorce, this is when Twenty New Clients was formed. A Coaching Business built on his talent but with a deep desire to have a fulfilling life. Ben started coaching business owners on sales marketing and business systems and personal growth.


Started Coaching Real estate business owners

Finding massive results and having a lot of fun Ben focused all his efforts on Real Estate Agents and he became an agent himself to prove his systems from the ground up. The Real Estate Launch Program was birthed along with his Twenty New Clients YouTube Channel giving away his training for free!


Rookie of the Year

Ben becoming rookie of the year making $440,000 in his first calendar year while coaching a group of agents who double their business, gain massive personal awareness and implement business systems that are easy to run.


Scaling the business

Launched Team Oosterveld Real Estate turned his job into a Real Business by outsourcing all activities that do not pay him and trained up a team of world real estate agents to run the same systems he built. All while seeing massive results coaching real estate agents nationally with his Business From Within Mentorship program and doing workshops across Canada

2014- 2017

Awarded one of the Top Real Estate Teams in Canada

Grew his team within a couple years to be one of the most productive teams in Canada. He is now a Sought after speaker, Trainer and mentor all while spending most evening weekends with his 5 kids and beautiful wife. Truly living life to the max with his focused being family first….FOR REAL.


5 Years….Over 3 Million in Commissions

Made over 3 Million dollars in Paid Out Commissions in his first 5 years


3 Ways we can get started Together…

1. Free Real Estate Training

Sign up to the VLOG where there is a rich abundance of out of the box training that as proven to support agents around the world. It’s a mix of cutting edge practical strategies mixed with real raw personal development ideas and inspiration.

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2. FREE Gift

We have found good communication with your buyers and sellers can make the referral or break the referral. You now have the exact Deal Flow Templates Team Oosterveld Real Estate as are using to manager 10-20 deals a month.

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3. Become a better Entrepreneur Podcast

Listen to The Business From Within Podcast, This is a podcast may be rough around the edges, but IF YOU’RE OPEN you will be challenged, inspired, and loved.

Become a better Entreprenuer

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Dead in 24 hours

The Results Ben's Students Are Getting

I won my next 7 listing presentations-- Right after taking the trainingI have been a realtor for years and no one ever taught me how to do a real listing presentation until this course. I realized what I was doing was very generic and I would only win 50% of my listings. I also have so many new selling techniques that actually serve the seller and work so good.

Meryana AshkarReal Estate Agent, Remax Elite

The CMA Training took my business to the next level. No doubt, it improved my Listing Presentation Skills. More importantly, a huge contributor to building inner-confidence when competing against other agents for a listing. I now have a consistent flow of new listings. In 2017 I was awarded the #1 Top Sales Agent in my office. Taking the course helped lay the foundation to my success.

Corey McEwenReal Estate Agent, Maxwell Real Realty

The Sellers feel my confidence for sure. I truly believe I am the best option for them now!
I now almost win every listing I compete with even if it’s against the most experienced realtor. The systems I have learned are so easy to follow and not hard to learn. I listened to the training so many time because it is rich with rich subtleties, selling techniques and very easy systems to replicate! This was very significant to my career as a Realtor.

Justin McClintockReal Estate Agent, The Property Gallery Inc

I took Ben’s CMA training earlier this year and even though I already felt pretty good about my ability, I got a lot out of it. I truly believe it helped me with a few listings. I have been selling real estate since 2005 and you can always learn something new. Ben is very good at what he does & I would highly recommend learning what he has to offer.

Robert J. CornoReal Estate and Owner, The Good Real Estate Company

I took a number of ideas from Ben's listing presentation and made them my own. As a realtor with 10 years experience and many more in sales I recognized many ingenious components which help me establish trust, rapport, and credibility as a market expert.

Damon EnnsRE/MAX Real Estate Center